Aquascaping Techniques

In recent years, Aquascaping has become quite popular.  Underwater gardening, using a variety of plants, creates a natural, aesthetically-pleasing look for your home or office.  The setup involves using a variety of natural elements including aquatic plants, stones, rocks and driftwood.  These days, aquariums are so much more than just a collection of fish.  Here are some tips on setting up yours:

1. Use a variety of plant types
2. Don’t overfill the tank
3. Keep it simple – but avoid perfect symmetry (keep it natural)
4. Choose colours that work well together
5. Choose natural looking gravel that will blend well with the environment
6. Select plants that will thrive in the type of lighting available in its environment

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Our Specialties

We Specialize in high-quality African Cichlids and other freshwater tropical fish including different crustaceans/critters such as shrimp snails and crayfish.  

Cichlids from both Lake Malawi and Lake Tanzania are some of the most colorful, interesting, and easy fish to keep. They come in various shapes and sizes and are an excellent fish for both beginner or experienced hobbyists.  We keep a wide variety of show male Peacocks and Haps, several different species of Mubuna and some different species from Lake Tanzania such Trophues, Julidochrimis and Catfish that do well with these African fish. 

Come check out our wide variety of high quality African Cichlids!

Community Fish

Community Fish


Community fish are non-aggressive species that can share an aquarium peacefully.


African Cichlids


African Cichlids are some of the most colourful and beautiful freshwater fish.  They can reach impressive sizes and are ideal for a large show tank.


Central/South American Cichlids

Central/South American Cichlids are best housed in a cichlid-only aquarium as they may eat other fish and may become aggressive when trying to breed.