Giant Hair Grass


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Giant Hairgrass AKA Sand Spikerush (Eleocharis montevidensis) is a very dense-growing plant that is perfect for covering large sections of the aquarium background. As its name suggests, it can grow to heights of over 20-30+ inches!  In addition to its attractive appearance, this plant provides dense foliage for shrimp and fish fry. It is also great for hiding aquarium hardware in the background.

Giant Hairgrass is a relatively hardy and durable plant as long as it is provided with nutrient-rich water and, just as importantly, full-spectrum lighting suitable for moderate to high-light plants. It propagates by runners in the substrate.  Under optimal conditions, it will need to be trimmed down occasionally in areas where it is not desired to spread.  As stated above, it can grow to very impressive heights and it typically will not stop growing once it has reached the surface of the aquarium.  For this reason, we do not recommend it for smaller, shorter aquariums, but we highly recommend it for larger, taller planted tanks.

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