Learn about our story.

I started EcoAquariums because I believe that aquariums can truly bring us happiness.  It can be extremely rewarding for those who are in the hobby and love the idea that they are creating and maintaining this beautiful little ecosystem behind glass.  As the owner of EcoAquariums, I started off as a hobbyist myself and found a lot of joy watching and taking care of my fish.  I really wanted to bring more options to our community by carrying more products as well as a variety of high quality fish and plants.

My main passion in life is nature itself.  Aside from supplying those in the hobby, I also wanted to bring nature into as many public places and residential homes as possible so more people in our community are able to enjoy nature on a daily basis. EcoAquariums offers a maintenance service so that businesses, medical offices or residential homes can have a beautiful hands-free aquarium in their space — you can let us do all the dirty work!

Phil Courchesne, Owner of EcoAquariums

Aqua Scaping Techniques

In recent years, Aqua Scaping has become quite popular.  Underwater gardening using a variety of plants create a natural, aesthetically-pleasing look for your home or office.

Nature Aquariums

Nature aquariums are not only about the fish but also about the general design of the scape in the aquarium itself. The placement of the wood, rocks, live plants and sand is an art that is inspired by creating a real life masterpiece of nature itself.

Fresh Water Fish

Freshwater tropical fish have proven to be hardy, undemanding, and ideal for someone first starting out in the hobby.  EcoAquariums also offers a variety of plants to go with your community tanks.

Meet Phil Courchesne

Phil Courchesne, Owner

Phil began setting up little ecosystems at the age of 6 years old. He would go to his camp and be gone all days catching aquatic life then designing a suitable aquarium to house them.

Phil has also had a long lasting passion for nature and appreciates even it’s smallest creations. To him setting up a Nature Aquarium with fish and tiny critters that all work together is his ultimate luxury. 

With EcoAquariums, Phil will help you become skilled in one of the most rewarding hobbies you could ever be a part of.