Nature Aquariums

Create a real life masterpiece.

Nature aquariums are not only about the fish but also about the general design of the scape in the aquarium itself. The placement of the wood, rocks, live plants and sand is an art that is inspired by creating a real life masterpiece of nature itself. When a large school of small colourful fish named Tetra’s are introduced, they move in sequence to create a marvellous dance to witness from the natural world behind glass.

Nature Aquarium Benefits:

  • The vibrantly green coloration of the plants and the artistic approach to creating a natural landscape is to essentially bring a tiny piece of nature back into our lives.
  • Having this kind of aquarium could be beneficial to our mental health simply because each human is still hardwired to have a deep and intimate connection with nature.
  • You can also witness an interesting symbiotic relationship between plants, fish, crustaceans and shrimp that creates a complete living ecosystem where each creature benefits from one and other.
    These aquariums can look like an underwater forest or a mountain landscape.

Our Specialties

We Specialize in high-quality African Cichlids and other freshwater tropical fish including different crustaceans/critters such as shrimp snails and crayfish.

Cichlids from both Lake Malawi and Lake Tanzania are some of the most colorful, interesting, and easy fish to keep. They come in various shapes and sizes and are an excellent fish for both beginner or experienced hobbyists.  We keep a wide variety of show male Peacocks and Haps, several different species of Mubuna and some different species from Lake Tanzania such Trophues, Julidochrimis and Catfish that do well with these African fish. 

Come check out our wide variety of high quality African Cichlids!

Community Fish

Community Fish

Community fish are non-aggressive species that can share an aquarium peacefully.


African Cichlids

African Cichlids are some of the most colourful and beautiful freshwater fish.  They can reach impressive sizes and are ideal for a large show tank.


Central/South American Cichlids

Central/South American Cichlids are best housed in a cichlid-only aquarium as they may eat other fish and may become aggressive when trying to breed.


Plants & Aquascaping

Aquascaping has become quite popular.  Underwater gardening, using a variety of plants, creates a natural, aesthetically-pleasing look for your home or office.