Aquarium Service

Providing exceptional aquarium service to suit your needs.



Includes bi-weekly service with:

  • 50% to 90% water change, gravel/sand vacuum
  • full and thorough cleaning of algae from all aquarium glass surfaces
  • cleaning/rinsing of readily accessible filters
  • sponges and pads
  • chemical testing of water/tank health diagnosis
  • re-fill of auto feeder
  • balance aquarium water chemistry if needed, etc.

First time shopping at EcoAquariums and will definitely be back. Phil was accommodating, knowledgeable and CLEARLY had a passion for the hobby. His tanks were very beautifully displayed, unlike any other shop we’ve visited. All tanks were clear, clean and fish were all very lively. We will definitely be returning for more live plants and specialty fish. Highly recommend anyone in the hobby or new to the hobby to have a visit.

Jessica Briere
Very knowledgeable, friendly, and helpful. Carries good quality fish, and very honest and cares about what he does.
Cody Collins

Excellent service, the shop features some very beautiful display tanks. Definitely recommend this place for people interested in proper planted tanks and cool cichlids. Will come back for sure.

Maxwell Colavecchia

Beautiful healthy fish. Excellent service. Would recommend to anyone serious about aquariums.

Jackie Livie

Aquarium Service

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